Our Fantasy Sports Platform

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports plug-in adds daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Fantasy Sports functionality to any WordPress blog. Site owners can offer a professional Fantasy Sports game to their sites’ visitors. Visitors predict the winners of upcoming sports games and earn points for each correct selection in our pick-em style games. Or in our recently added Player Draft game style, you can draft players from live games and watch yourself climbing the leader-board in real-time. Users earn points based on individual player performance. The user with the most points at the end when all the fixtures have been played is declared the winner. We also have many more game types.


Payment Options

One Time Fee

If you interested in just the plug-in, with NO automation, then there is only 1 time fee for the plug-in. You will need to update schedules, game scores, game updates and player stats manually.

Monthly Fees

If you are looking to automate all operations of your site, then you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of the monthly data feeds. All the upcoming game schedules, game scores, game updates and player stats are all included in the monthly fee. The stats are integrated with the plug-in. Just the stats alone are worth thousands of dollars per month. This plug-in handles all that. It tracks all the picks submitted by the users and updates all the users points, it declares the winners and sends out email notifications. Plus, it also allows the site admin to create their own pools with custom teams, players and fixtures.